While working at Magnetize Agency, I was part of a branding project; I crafted logo options and developed a Wix one-page website. While the logo options I designed weren't ultimately selected, they represented a comprehensive exploration of the client's vision, incorporating various elements of their brand identity. Each logo concept aimed to capture the essence of the brand and resonate with its target audience. Additionally, I created a user-friendly and visually appealing one-page website using Wix, showcasing the client's products, services, and key information. To check it out live: kokenliving.com
This old factory used to make barber chairs, and its intricate design inspired this logo option. The logo features a piece of the chair, symbolizing the factory's pride in its craftsmanship. The building's vintage windows and aged wooden frames add to its overall charm.
When brainstorming potential logo options for this brand, I found inspiration in the most unexpected of places - the back of the legs of the barber chair! I used that to make a pattern you'd see around the building and arrows within the logo that also help represent an elevator. 
The last logo option I created was a more refined version with a touch of history. The company established the Koken Foundry in 1926, which was during the Art Deco era. I admire the typography of that period and decided to incorporate it into this option.

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